Marian Seldes: The Protection We Have Is Love

From a Conversation with Marian Seldes
Conducted by James Grissom
New York City

Let's not think of what could be improved about people and things until we've exhausted ourselves talking and thinking about all that is wonderful and good and inspiring about them. I believe in perspective, and I think if we begin from a position of gratitude and respect, we are healthier and stronger and better able to fix what we must.

I can't be afraid of life; of love; of work. I just can't. Neither can you. None of us can. We have to carry on, move ahead, and the protection we have is love. If we think of loving the task and those with us, then we're safe, I think. We're able to do our best.

How dare I be disappointed? I used to ask this of myself silently. Everything I've done has been given to me by people who trusted me and helped me, and so I never thought of measuring what it had done for me, or might have done for me. I felt it would be like begrudging the person who gave me flowers when they wilted, or looking at the empty box that had once held chocolates. I never thought of how they had disappeared: I only marveled that I had been given them, had loved them, enjoyed them.

The happiest memories are of generosity.

©  2018  James Grissom


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