Harold Pinter: The Bobbing of Egos

Interview with Harold Pinter
Conducted by James Grissom

Most people are not talented. This is true of the world in general, and this is true of the theatrical world as well. Talent is very rare. Ambition, however, is the persistent weed that grows among us all. We all find ourselves in rooms and on stages with people whose consistent employment is baffling, but we have to move on. Look away. Chalk it up to the mysteries of art, commerce, and greed. Do what you can, but never, under any circumstances, assume that everyone showing up at curtain time belongs there or has earned the place. Odd bargains all around. Stay alone, to yourself, with those you trust and respect. Do your work, do it well. When alone, laugh a lot. The bobbing of egos to rise to a questionable place is the ultimate farce.

© 2017 James Grissom


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