Katharine Hepburn on David Lean: Control With Caring

David Lean and Katharine Hepburn on the set of Summertime.

Interview with Katharine Hepburn
Conducted by James Grissom
New York City

David Lean is a genius. No question about it. You can watch anything he has made, anything he has touched, and you can see the intelligence and care and control that he's put into every frame. He controlled me beautifully, and I mean it was control with caring. He new what he had to do, what I had to do, but he didn't pound it into or out of me: He led me along the way to give him what the script, the idea, the audience needed, and what he wanted. Great and grand man he is, and that movie just flows beautifully.

©  2017  James Grissom


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