Marlon Brando: We Have To Love Everything

Interview with Marlon Brando
Conducted by James Grissom
By Telephone

Life will tear you apart and destroy you, each and every day. People are suffering and starving and dying; people are lying and cheating; resources are spread far too thin. We have to live, and we have to love. We can love in many ways, and I am really only capable, at times, of loving through my art, my work, so that’s what I should do. I have to learn to love others more fully. We have to love everything. I think the world improves–the entire world–when we appreciate a beautifully crafted sentence in a book; when we remember our mothers as a song plays; when we watch an actor giving his or her all to a scene. We can take this love, this incredible feeling of connection and gratitude, and we can share it with another person. I think this is how we can immediately heal the world and ourselves.

©  2015  James Grissom


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