Tennessee Williams on God: Hungry and Accepting

Photo by Tony Hauser

God has many faces and many addresses. We find and we use and we love the God that we need. 

At particular times in my life, Lillian Gish was God. So was Greta Garbo. So were Miriam Hopkins--ready with affection and confidence and cash. So was Tallulah Bankhead, laughing and ready to believe in me, a wayward queer with a way with words. For both Truman [Capote] and me, God was in words, which we could play with, rearrange, place in a particular position to find some meaning and some understanding and some employment.

God is in music and art and a sunset. God is in flowers and laughter. God is wherever the soul and the eyes are hungry and accepting.

God is everywhere, and time is wasting.

©  2015   James Grissom


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