Katharine Hepburn: Make the Mistakes

Interview with Katharine Hepburn
Conducted by James Grissom
New York City

I’m sick and Goddamned tired of excuses for things–lives, actions, emotions. Own yourself! Take responsibility! The learning curve is apparently gone and everything now is either entirely down to the gutter or shooting for the stars. You’re either a winner or a loser. This is nonsense. You’re a doer. You’re a worker. Make the mistakes. Put yourself on the line, over and over. Make yourself into someone who matters, and you do this with your heart and your brain and your skin and your energy. And you show up for others and your word is your bond. I’m really tired of victims of ambition, particularly when there are people who need our help in serious times of peril. Lead butt! There’s a lot of lead butt in the world. I’m sick of it.

©  2015   James Grissom


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