Paul Scofield: Ponds of Gold

Interview with Paul Scofield
Conducted by James Grissom

Would you ask a man coming down a ramp from an airplane how he had managed to get from New York to London? Are you ignoring the airplane? The law of aerodynamics? Your own common sense and gift of vision? Are you trying to be metaphysical? The plane got me from New York to London. I made the reservations, packed my bags, arrived on time, created no scenes en route, and here I am.

So it is with me. You ask me how I did the work, achieved the performances. I had plays. I had the directors. I had the partners. You give me Peter Brook and Irene Worth and Shakespeare--airplane, tickets, the theory of aerodynamics--and it happens. I packed my bags, arrived on time, created no scenes. And here I am.

I have had placed at my feet--repeatedly--ponds of gold, and I have happily, selfishly swum around in them, and people persist in being surprised that I shine.

©  2015  James Grissom


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