Tennessee Williams and Maureen Stapleton on Miriam Hopkins

Interviews with Tennessee Williams
Maureen Stapleton

Conducted by James Grissom

Tenn: So many things bind me to Mo--Maureen. We love each other unconditionally, I believe--at least it feels that way for me. We are deep dreamers and perpetually thirsty for the release that dreams and alcohol can deliver unto us and deliver us from. Escape and slumber are our primary exercises. We are also bound by our love of movies and of the movie stars who we feel saved us, who we felt knew us, and one of these was Miriam Hopkins, who ultimately did save and know me. Mo and I could easily write the ultimate dissertation on Miriam Hopkins, her every move and gesture and sound.

New Orleans

Maureen:  I felt we would be friends. I mean as a child, watching the movies she was in. She was so beautiful and elegant, but smart, a little pissy, tough. I never dreamed I'd meet her, and then I did. And she liked me. Figure that out! Listen, I don't think it's too much to say that I survived childhood because of several movie stars, and one of those is Miriam Hopkins. 

Lenox, Massachusetts

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