Marian Seldes: It Starts with Love

Interview with Marian Seldes
Conducted by James Grissom
New York

We only have control over our minds and our hearts--these are things we can actively and continually improve and enlarge and inspire. I'm always hearing people talk about improving the world and the theatre and the city and the people in their lives, and we have to begin with ourselves. If everyone worked on believing and living well, we would have all the things of which we dream, and we would have a society, a culture, a world, a theatre that reflected the believing, caring people we had become. I approach every person and I look for and I find the good person they are, and that is who becomes my friend, and I am never disappointed. And we have a lovely relationship. That's where it starts--the student; the friend; the stranger on the street or the subway. It starts with love, of course. Love of that other person; love of the world; love of the self; love of what will come from all this love.

©  2014  James Grissom


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