Tennessee Williams on Lauren Hutton: Smart, Funky, and Blunt

Michael White

Interview with Tennessee Williams
Conducted by James Grissom
New Orleans

I think she may be our Zelda [Fitzgerald] without, I hope, the attendant madness, neglect, and dashed dreams. I hope so, because I find her marvelously exciting--beautiful, unpredictable, smart and funky and blunt. But very Southern, in that she will bind you with bandages and pour you some sweet tea after she plunges the dagger of truth into you. This is what I gather, I should add. I don't know these things. I intuit these things.

There was a lot of Lauren in my mind when I was actually trying to capture Zelda on the page [for Clothes for a Summer Hotel], and I loved having her voice and her energy on my mental stage.

There is, I gather, a party all the time, and she is at the center of it. I don't like parties, but I would want to watch her, hear her, see if I could navigate one with her as my guide.

COMING SOON: Kim Stanley on Lauren Hutton

©  2014  James Grissom


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