Marlon Brando: We Need To Be Tender Toward All People

Interview with Marlon Brando
Conducted by James Grissom

I always had a tender spot for frail women--emotionally frail women--who wandered about, always looking surprised. These women reminded me of my mother, and so I felt compelled to look after them. I felt tender toward them, in a way I didn't toward others. Then I began to feel tender toward all people who looked a little frail and a little lost. And then I reached an age when everyone--I mean everyone--looked a little frail and a little lost, and then I was able to feel tender--to feel some love and respect--toward all people. The flawed, wonderful person who was my mother is, I guess, inside all people, and so we need to be tender toward all people. It is good for them and it is good for us. It should not have taken me this long to feel this way.

© 2014  James Grissom


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