Bette Davis: Own Your Limitations

Bette Davis at the Hotel Savoy/London/1963/

Interview with Bette Davis
Conducted by James Grissom
Via Telephone

Oh, but now we're told there is no limitation, you see. I mean there were always little tribes of people who claimed such foolishness--you know, God is in His glory and all is ours--but now this belief has gotten into the water supply and the bloodstreams of quite a number of people. It's asinine! Of course there is limitation. Of course there are things we cannot do. This is our first enemy, our first lesson. The limitations we possess are the first things we must destroy, or we will never get better. 

We have to own our limitations, our weaknesses, our faults, and then we have to overcome them, destroy them, and move on. There will always be another one to conquer, but oh, the joy when you kill those first few! Heaven!

© 2014  James Grissom


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