Marlon Brando: We Bring What We Have

Interview with Marlon Brando
Conducted by James Grissom

We have to think of the theatre--of all the arts--as we would a body of a loved one on a surgical table, and we are called on to do everything we can to save and improve the health of this person, this thing we love. And we bring all we have and all we have learned to this task, and suddenly, some of us learn that the method of reviving or saving or healing upon which we most depended doesn't work anymore. It may not work on the patient or it may not work within our hearts or on our minds. So we adjust; we realign. But above all else, we save the body on the table, whether it is a play or a book or a film or a relationship. We bring what we have at the time, and sad is the person who hasn't--up to that urgent time--not spent his life looking into every type of aid there was. Have a deep tool kit, and dig into it often.

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