Marlon Brando: Anger and Hunger

Marlon Brando
Conversation with James Grissom

I remember being angry and hungry a lot, and they both fed each other. Ironic, right? All that was fed was the anger, and the hunger grew mightier. I found that I was incapable of anger and I was unaware of hunger if I slept, so I slept a lot. Sleep is a great gift: It removes you from the life that is currently not worth living. And then you dream, and in some of those dreams, I found ideas that made it a life worth living, and I saw images that made it worth being awake for a little while longer--an hour here, an hour there. I could find things that sustained the shitty life I had, and that would lead me to where there would be food and work and peace.

© 2014 James Grissom


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