Anna Sokolow: "We Must Be Ready" E-Book Now Available

Anna Sokolow (1910-2000) was a brilliant, merciless choreographer and teacher, and all who met her--and particularly those who were her students--never forgot her. Everyone took many lessons from time spent with her.

I was introduced to Anna Sokolow in 1991 by the actress Kim Hunter: We met to discuss Tennessee Williams, whose Camino Real she not only choreographed, but whose spine, according to director Elia Kazan, she injected into this fascinating but odd collage of words, images, and desires. Sokolow had worked for years in Mexico and introduced Tenn to many artists and traditions that changed his play and his life.

The original manuscript of Follies of God grew too large, so various chapters were deleted. This is one of them, which I am now making available as an e-book. I hope you find it as bracing as the woman who inspired it.

Here is the link where you may purchase it:


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