Tennessee Williams: The Primary Reason

Tennessee Williams
Interview with James Grissom
New Orleans

The primary reason I have never considered suicide--as tempting as that option increasingly becomes--has nothing to do with Christian faith or any other spiritual obligation: It has to do with manners. It is so terribly rude to take your life, and to leave its residue for someone else to find, as I've said before. The primary reason--to return to my point--that I remain alive and working and grateful is due to my feeling responsible for repayment of the great generosity of so many friends who have invested in me, loved me, and wished for me to continue. As desperate as I become, I can be uplifted in remembering their kindness toward me, their faith in me, their watchful waiting for the glory to return. If what I have just described is not faith--is not some form of prayer or worship--then I don't know what is. 

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