Paul Newman: One of Tennessee's Children

Interview with James Grissom
New York City
Ecce Panis
1260 Madison Avenue

I dream of going back--even at my age--and playing that part again. I thought I understood Brick back then: I thought I was a very mature man of thirty-three (the age at which Jesus died, Tennessee kept telling me), and we spoke of Gethsemane and dishonesty and how it distorts and deforms a person. I thought I understood all of that, and I did, in my way, at that time. But the part is so much bigger and deeper than we realize--than I realized--and so much of it was not investigated. So I want to go back. And wanting to go back makes me one of Tennessee's children, I guess. It's what he always called me. --Paul Newman

© 2014 James Grissom


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