Maureen Stapleton on Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando and Maureen Stapleton in Sidney Lumet's The Fugitive Kind.

Maureen Stapleton/Interview with James Grissom/1991

Marlon gives you everything--and too much of it--when you're acting with him. It's the morning after Halloween, when you're sick from the candy after you've acted with him. Enough! you want to say, and I did. But it's the greatest thing to be so hooked up when you're working. He taught me a lot about a play I had studied and lived for a long time, because he's so much smarter and so much more intuitive than almost anybody else. Marlon will hold back in life a lot--disappear, get silent and moody and morose, talk like a fucking fortune cookie--but in the work, and in a really bad pinch of a time, he's fully there and is a wonder.


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