Jeanne Moreau: Vividly Alive

Jeanne Moreau in Jacques Demy's Bay of Angels (1963).

Interview with James Grissom

I trust her because I find that all of her artifice is saved for the performances, and so when you sit across from her, or when you find her on the sidewalk, she is utterly real, blatantly honest, curious, hungry. She is vividly alive, even when she is--as she often is--angry or tired or sad. She is one of my women. She is the sort of woman I most want to create, to foster, to serve.

What I'm trying to say is that I think that almost anyone of discernment would agree that Jeanne is a perfect sort of woman, and almost always needed. If I could manage to warrant a help-meet, as the church women called them, I would like for it to be her.

This will, of course, terrify her.


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