Truman Capote: The Hot, Deadly Center

Photograph by Slim Aarons

Truman [Capote] was wildly entertaining--oddly sweet--early on, and then for a long spell. He was so funny, and his vision about things and people was so acute. But what Truman really became was a performer, a terribly needy performer who refused--always, and for even the smallest sliver of time--to step away from the center of attention. Whatever liquids or powders claimed his attentions, the strongest addiction was for attention, affection, love, envy. And he became mad, quite mad, stepping up to microphones, real and imagined, and stating the most insane and extraordinary--and entertaining--things to get back to the center. The hot, deadly center. But he was a wonderful, traveling show for a long time.

Tennessee Williams
Interview with James Grissom

© 2014 James Grissom


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