Tennessee Williams: A Story To Tell

New Orleans

What I have always wanted--and what I have always needed--is a story. A story to tell; a story to get lost within; a story bigger than anything else in my life. I looked to books--and the people who could read them to me--to help me escape from a reality I didn't enjoy or understand. I then looked to my sister and other friends to create plays in backyards that also helped me to escape a reality I couldn't control, a reality that seemed always ready to reject me. I found acceptance in the story.

I think the top priority has to be the story. Seeking it, telling it, allowing yourself and others to get lost in it. The ultimate consummation, I think, is to meet someone, somewhere, in the middle of a story. A big story.

© 2014 James Grissom
From Artistic Suicide


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