Alec Guinness: Go Right Along With The Memory

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By Telephone

I think it is wise to go directly to all of the memories that arise--over there in the corner of your consciousness. Even if I chose to ignore all spiritual meanings, I think there is a reason that you suddenly think of a person or a time at a given moment; I think the world is offering a gift when you pass a shop and the scent of something--food or perfume or a spice--wafts over you and you think of your mother or a beautiful day or a horrible day. I think it is wise to go right along with the memory.

I think that we ultimately are nothing more than the hosts of the memories of our lives. Perhaps, if I think about it, memory is what constitutes our souls. Maybe. All I know is that virtually everything--our behavior, our contributions--emanate from the well of memories that our lives have handed over to us.

I know that it is difficult to listen to the music you loved with your mother or a friend once they have died. I have been known to switch away from certain songs or films when they come on--the pain slices into me. But then I stayed with the song or the film or the place--whatever it might have been--and I was so happy that I did. It did my soul so much good.

We no longer have the people or the places or the youth or the interest, but the memories are very vivid, and we can love them, we can share them--in our art or in our lives by talking about them with others--and somehow the souls dance together again.

This is my advice.

This is how I think pain is somehow beautiful for us.

© 2014 by James Grissom

From Artistic Suicide


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