Tennessee Williams on "The Glass Menagerie"

Tennessee Williams
Interview with James Grissom
New Orleans/1982
In which he clarifies what The Glass Menagerie is and is not

All of the characters are made of glass or they are skating on shards of glass left behind by broken hearts, broken dreams, broken promises. In other words, they are all of us. Please do not think of the play as a cocoon in which a special or unique tale is being told. This is a universal tale made unique by details to which I can personally attest.

We are all prisoners of memory. We are all imprisoned and crippled by particular loves and desires.

We are all crafted so delicately of glass. Life is the shelf. Do not--please, do not--move too quickly or harshly.


  1. In memory of James Joseph Arden (10/22/65 - 09/10/13), a good man, and my sweet baby boy, who's heart of glass I will forever carry in my own broken one. May you at last find peace in Planet Heaven, my love. --P


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