Arthur Penn: Wave Some Flags

Courtesy of Corbis

So much of it is luck. Dumb fucking luck. There is so much talent out there--in every area--and it can't get a set of eyes [to see it] or ears to hear it because it hasn't gotten into a magical circle yet. The magical circle of the right plays with the right directors with the right agents with the right reviews. No one escapes this; no one ever did. What I would like to do--and what we should all do, including you with your writing and recounting--is to persuade those with dreams and talent to keep at it, despite the odds and despite the fact that the luck hasn't noticed them yet. You have to believe that it will, and what you and I have to do is make some noise and wave some flags so that luck looks over and finally notices the mendicant that has kept up the work.

Arthur Penn
Interview Conducted in 2006
From Artistic Suicide

© 2013 by James Grissom


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