Marlon Brando: Share Just Enough

By Telephone
From Artistic Suicide

Something you need to understand: Those who are engaged in a satisfying, full, adventurous sexual life are those least likely to talk about it, speculate upon it, analyze it, seek to understand it. They are living it. They are exhausted by it. They are grateful for it. They tend, I think, to protect it, like a secret that someone else may poke around looking for, tasting, using.

Those who are engaged in an acting life--using all of their skills, all of their emotions, working well with other fully realized people, are those least likely to talk about it, analyze it, theorize upon it.

The thing is--avoid theory and embrace experience. Run from rumination and throw yourself into expression.

Wear yourself out doing until you no longer can.

And when you no longer can, have enough discretion to not speak indiscriminately about all of those with whom you shared yourself.

Share just enough to urge others to wear themselves out.

©2013 by James Grissom


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