Eva Le Gallienne: Define Yourself

By Telephone
From Artistic Suicide

We all become defined by our work. We are defined by how we do it and by how well we do it. But these definitions follow those we give to ourselves, and these definitions can be as deadly as a prison sentence if we aren't careful. This is why we have to be tough--ruthless, really--about what we are willing to do and by how diligent we are going to be in getting it right and earning our place in the world.

There has always been the tendency on the part of the untalented ambitious--a hardy and nefarious group--to find a way to be a part of the artistic working. You have to avoid this. You have to earn your place; you cannot merely create a place for yourself by being devoted to a particular art and being vocal about your homage.

Everything becomes cheapened, because suddenly you have people redefining what you love the most. 

Define yourself first. Long before anyone else will know you even exist, you will have decided how you shall be seen, so define yourself as serious and dedicated and selective. Define yourself as patient and detailed. Define yourself as an artist. Then wait to see if you've been correct.

©2013 by James Grissom


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