Elizabeth Taylor: No Limitation

I don't really believe in limitation. Or I guess I'm in denial about limitation. It's a challenge, not a fact. You face limitation only to overcome it. Clearly, there are things we cannot do, but I think we can't accept this as final: I think we're supposed to do what we can and we grow. It's from my mother, who took very little and got a great deal. It's Christian Science, which does not accept limitation: We can and should do all. Very early in my life, I attended a Jewish rite for a newborn, and I will never forget that this infant--this beautiful baby--was passed from one person to another, to be held and looked at and acknowledged. They were accepting him into the family, the community, and they would be there for him through everything. So among that group of people, there was truly no limitation, because someone who had held that baby could provide or aid or comfort or advice. Tennessee loved that story, and I think we should look upon everyone as a member of the community to be held and invited in and aided. 



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