Susan Tyrrell: You Have The Strength

Via Telephone/2009

I keep up. I keep reading things that boggle the mind. So-and-so is now a Tibetan priest. So-and-so is now pursuing a doctorate in chakra-and-clitoral persuasion with a criminal guru in a bad neighborhood in Hollywood. So-and-so is finally, finally, beginning to understand the writings of a deaf and blind Himalayan poet who spoke to God.

And people think I have problems!

I did my time in the side show. I wanted to be special. I wanted to be touched by a God--any God--but that was all window shopping, looking for the sake of looking, hoping to be seen as cool and moral and with it all. It's all bullshit.

I loathe nostalgia and I loathe sentiment. I say be with it--whatever it is--right now. Be open and kind and do your work, and be grateful, because even if you're sick and they chop off your legs and they don't return your calls, you have a hell of a lot to be grateful for.

You don't need a guru; you don't need a special prayer; you don't need to emulate anyone, really.

You have the strength. You have the power. You can do a lot of shit. 

Do the shit.

Susan Tyrrell


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