Mia Farrow: Wanted

Mia Farrow/New York, 1970/David Hume Kennerly

Tennessee/New Orleans/1982/In Passing

I would like the opportunity to write something for Mia Farrow. I have watched her with increasing curiosity and admiration, I find her criminally underused; badly used.

She seethes with concentration and curiosity. She has that quality I've mentioned to you far too many times, I fear, of being like something you imagined when your mother read you fairy tales as a child. Mia appears to be human and not; spectral and yet patently maternal; male and female; sexual and sexless; aggressively intelligent and simple to a Spartan degree. Imagine her Alma! That would be thrilling, frightening.

She has an uncanny ability at physical acting--the bad name I give to the presentation of character through action: She transmits character frighteningly well while walking or crouching, thinking or smiling, simply being.

Try to get in touch with her for me.

Tell her I want her.


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